Imagine going into a chemical laboratory and doing fifty experiments according to directions given you. You would be able to do the experiments in a bungling sort of way. Not knowing the why or wherefore — not knowing the fundamental principles of chemistry — you wouldn't know whether you were getting the correct results or not; unless of course, you got an explosion. Then you would be pretty sure you were wrong. If you completed the fifty experiments without disastrous results, would you then be a chemist? No. You would have an idea as to what it was all about, but you would forget the experiments and with them you would forget all the chemistry you ever knew. Having no knowledge of the fundamentals, you could never perform other experiments except those taught you couldn't do well.

So it is with Magic. Your magic are your experiments which illustrate and fix certain principles in your 
mind. If I did not lay such stress on fundamentals and principles. You would do the tricks blindly, not knowing why you must hold your hand at a certain angle or why you must look at a certain point to get the effect. You would have to guess as to whether you were doing it correctly or not. Then your explosion would come
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